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2013 Genius Winner Ben Kasulke's Film Grant was sponsored by Alaska Airlines VISA Signature Card.


Sponsorship inquiries can be directed to
Carey Christie
Producer of the
Stranger Genius Awards

The Genius Awards celebrate and highlight local artists in 5 different disciplines: visual art, performance, film, music and literature. The Genius Awards function to support local art in a meaningful way. Grants of $5,000 are awarded to these artists to support their livelihoods and allow them to create and nurture their work. Artists are free to use these funds to buy materials, fund a specific project or to help obtain basic necessities that many working artists often go without, like health insurance. The Stranger builds a special issue around the grant recipients, and produces a showcase event for grant recipients' works that is open to the public. This issue and event are met with great enthusiasm and appreciation from the local arts community. Award recipients garner increased attention and esteem as leaders in the arts community.

The 2014 Genius Awards are brought to you in part by:

Amazon (Literature award), Chihuly Garden and Glass, the Frye Art Museum (Performance award), Microsoft Research Group (Visual Art award), Alaska Airlines VISA Signature Card (Film award), Shunpike, the Space Needle Corp. (Music award), and the Seattle Theater Group.

Brand Benefits
  • Opportunity for the brand to directly reach more than 1,500 Seattleites who will attend the event, as well as 320,000 Stranger readers, the majority being 23-44 year old creatives.
  • Opportunity for the brand to proceed as a notable patron of Seattle Arts.
  • The Genius Awards is a single event that offers a unique opportunity to reach a diverse, multi-disciplined arts community.
  • Opportunity for the brand to be included as a "Sponsor" on promotional collateral for the Genius Awards.
  • Co-promotional opportunity and brand association with The Stranger.
  • Involvement in a culturally significant event, one that garners great attention and buzz.