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We spend a lot of time in The Stranger’s offices arguing about art. We argue about all kinds of things at The Stranger, but art in particular makes us crazy. And it gets so little attention from mainstream culture. The Genius Awards are about changing that. Every year, The Stranger’s critics set out to make a list of the 15 best artists in the city… KEEP READING > > >


Glenn Rudolph
C. Davida Ingram
Emily Gherard


Jerick Hoffer
Valerie Curtis-Newton
Satori Group


Shin Yu Pai
Gary Groth
G. Willow Wilson


Industrial Revelation
Amber Kai Morgan and Garrett Kelly
Erik Blood


Bob Nelson
Paul Eenhoorn
Drew Christie

What Are the Genius Awards?

The Genius Awards, The Stranger's non-profit granting program, delivers $25,000 of cash support each year to local talented artists in the disciplines of visual art, literature, film, music, and theater. There is no application process for this honor and the program extends from the announcement of finalists in early summer to the annual awards show in early fall. Donations to the Genius Foundation are paid out in the form of art grants and free public access to the awards show.

Arts editors at The Stranger begin deliberating on their nominations for the next round of finalists in the spring. Read all about our picks in the Summer issue of our arts quarterly, A&P, on June 11 and learn more about the work you should not miss in Seattle's thriving arts world.

Read about this year's winners for each category — film, literature, music, performance, visual art.

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